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  • Conservative Media Shrug At The Thought Of Another Recession


    Right-wing media figures are urging Republicans to refuse to compromise on budget and taxes, action that would induce automatic government budget cuts and broad tax increases and herald another recession. But economists agree that a budget deal needs to include some tax increases, which would significantly raise revenue, and that more revenue must be part of a balanced solution to lowering the deficit.

  • Fox Falsely Claims Obama Is Gutting Medicare While Ryan Is Trying To Save It

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    Fox is pushing a Romney campaign falsehood that President Obama rather than Rep. Paul Ryan (R-WI) plans to gut Medicare as we know it.

    Ryan has received strong criticism for his plan to transform Medicare into a voucher system. Trying to deflect the attacks on Ryan's plan, Fox contributor Angela McGlowan claimed that Obama's Affordable Care Act (ACA) cuts hundreds of billions of dollars from Medicare.

    In fact, the savings the ACA makes to the Medicare program would not cause a decline in quality of care under Medicare, and Ryan has proposed identical savings. But Ryan's plan goes much further, ending Medicare as we know it by transforming it into a voucher plan.

    From Fox & Friends Sunday:

    McGLOWAN: Obama cut $700 billion from Medicare to pay for Obamacare. With the Ryan plan, it keeps people who are 55 and over on their plan now, so they don't have to worry about that. So this ad saying he would hurt the elderly -- his plan would actually keep it in place.

    McGlowan's claim that the ACA cuts Medicare is false. An August 12 ABC News post explained that the supposed "cuts" to Medicare was the slowing of the growth of the program by ACA. Even Fox News Sunday guest host John Roberts explained that over a ten year period the ACA "would slow the growth of Medicare, I want to be very clear about that, not cut Medicare, but slow the growth by $500 billion."

    Gail Wilensky, a former administrator of the Medicare program under George H. W. Bush, made clear in a June 28 Bloomberg article, "there are no reductions in the Medicare benefits promised in the law." In a June 28 post similarly concluded that the ACA "stipulates that guaranteed Medicare benefits won't be reduced."

  • Fox disappears right-wing media's role in forming public's misconceptions about Obama

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    While discussing the September 6 Newsweek cover that highlights the commonly held and often contradictory misconceptions about Obama, Fox News contributors Angela McGlowan and John Fund disappeared the right-wing media's role in spreading the misinformation and instead attributed the misconceptions to Obama's own behavior. Indeed, Fox News and the right wing media have been at the forefront of advancing the very misinformation about Obama that Newsweek identified.

  • Fox favoritism: Hemmer gets analysis from "Fox News contributor" McGlowan -- who's also running for Congress

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    In February, Angela McGlowan left Fox News as a "contributor" after her contract expired to officially run for Congress. The implication, of course, is that having a media contract while running for office would be a conflict. Yet today, Fox News anchor Bill Hemmer hosted McGlowan and identified her -- presumably incorrectly -- as a current "Fox News contributor," and turned to her for political analysis about the Gulf of Mexico oil crisis.

    McGlowan appeared alongside Democratic strategist and current Fox News contributor Joe Trippi. While McGlowan offered analysis about the Gulf spill, which included that it could be "Obama's Katrina" and "Obama's Watergate," Fox News text identified her as a congressional candidate. At the end of the segment, Hemmer said: "Angela, I know you're running for Congress in Mississippi, in the interest of full disclosure, we mention that, and thank you for coming on today." At the start of the segment, Hemmer simply stated: "Angela McGlowan's a Fox News contributor."

    When defeated Kentucky Senate candidate Trey Grayson (R) complained that opponent Rand Paul is on Fox "all of the time," Fox News host Neil Cavuto responded by claiming they invited Grayson on "every time" they hosted Paul. Did Bill Hemmer adhere to Cavuto and Fox News' "fair and balanced" standards and extend invitations to McGlowan's Republican opponents -- both of whom have raised more money than McGlowan -- to appear on the show to offer political analysis? And what about Rep. Travis Childers (D), the incumbent those Mississippi Republicans are vying to unseat?

  • Fox News employment again used as GOP launching pad for office

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    Fox News has provided yet another launching pad for an aspiring GOP office-holder: Former Fox News "political analyst" turned Mississippi congressional candidate Angela McGlowan.

    Back in May 2008, McGlowan announced on-air that she's going back to Mississippi to "beat" Rep. Travis Childers, stating: "That's all right, sweetie, that's my district, and I'm going there soon to beat your Democrat colleague, honey. I'm going soon. 2010 is my year. Announcing it right here."

    Despite her announcement, Fox News still employed McGlowan until her contract reportedly expired this month and she officially announced her congressional bid. McGlowan's first campaign release references her former Fox News employment in its first line.

    Since announcing her intentions in 2008, McGlowan used her Fox position as an opportunity to appeal to Mississippi voters, and curry favor among conservative activists.

    McGlowan is a frequent speaker at tea parties in Mississippi and elsewhere, most recently appearing at last weekend's National Tea Party Convention, where she was identified as "ANGELA McGLOWAN, FOX NEWS CONTRIBUTOR." During her speech, McGlowan bogusly claimed that the 9-12 march had "about two million" protestors -- a change from September when she baselessly claimed that there "was about 400,000 people." McGlowan was apparently so impressive that birther advocate Joseph Farah endorsed her candidacy.

    Following her speech, McGlowan appeared on the February 6 edition of America's News HQ -- as a Fox News employee -- where she defended the tea party movement and fished for Mississippi voters, stating: "What I'm doing in essence is I'm concerned about Mississippi and the issues."

    Looking for Mississippi votes while getting paid by Fox was nothing new for McGlowan:

      • "I had four health care town hall meetings in the state of Mississippi, people are getting more educated now. And because of this tea party movement, people know what is going on and a lot of people don't want this health care bill. They want health care reform but they want the right type of reform and Obama did promise there would be transparency. So people are tired of this multi mirror moves." [Cavuto, Fox Business Network, 1/15/10]
      • From the November 24, 2009, edition of FBN's Cavuto:

    MCGLOWAN: Charles, I've worked in Washington D.C. for over a decade. I've talked to veterans in Mississippi. I've talked to (INAUDIBLE) already parties where the American people are tired of being taxed.


    PAYNE: Every American probably would agree on that but let's just talk now about people who were saying we have already spent so much on this war to begin with, over $230 billion. In Mississippi that money could have gone to pay for let's say head start for 150,000 kids, for health care for 200,000 people. The person in Mississippi who is struggling right now, wouldn't they say let the rich pay for this because we need to, we can't afford it?

    MCGLOWAN: I'm from that state and I know that state. You have true patriots and true Americans there. In essence, you do have the rich and you have the poor, but you have people that want to see a country where we are not taxed. And once you start, where does it end?

    • "Tucker, traveling the country and just getting back from Mississippi, where I'm from, people want to hear what's going on. They want to understand. And I think that it's good that he's getting on the road and explaining to people what's happening to our economy, what's happening dealing with the interest rates, why people are losing their jobs. I think it's good that he's out there. I think Obama gives great speeches, but he's not giving any solutions." [Money for Breakfast, 7/28/09]

    Rick Santorum, Mike Huckabee, Sarah Palin, and Newt Gingrich have also used their Fox News employment to stay in the public eye while contemplating bids for office. Former Fox News host John Kasich is currently a candidate for Ohio governor.