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  • Donald Trump’s Probable Immigration Plan Will Be Ripped Straight From Right-Wing Media


    Donald Trump’s speech on immigration is expected to outline the GOP presidential nominee’s policy on immigration. But Trump has already tested out his anti-immigrant positions with favorable right-wing media outlets, which are based on false, xenophobic rhetoric pushed by many of the same conservative media outlets for years.

  • Flashback: In 2010 Larry King Live Interview, Donald Trump Advocated For Racial Profiling Of Latinos

    Trump: “Mexico Doesn’t Have A Lot Of Blondes, Ok?”

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    During a 2010 interview on CNN’s Larry King Live, Donald Trump advocated for Arizona’s contentious SB 1070, also known as the “Papers Please” law, which compelled law enforcement officers to ask for proof of citizenship based on someone’s “race, color or national origin” or “thick foreign accent.”

    Trump justified his support for the law claiming “there’s killings all over the place,” “the drug dealers are coming in,” and backed the racial profiling aspect of the law saying “Mexico doesn’t have a lot of blondes.” In 2012 the Supreme Court struck down key provisions to the law, including the requirement that immigrants obtain or carry immigration papers and allowing police to arrest suspected undocumented immigrants without warrants.

    LARRY KING (HOST): Arizona’s new law – what do you make of it?

    DONALD TRUMP: Well, it all starts with the federal government not coming out with a law. They’ve been talking about it for years and they still haven’t done anything. And Arizona is really getting crime-ridden, I mean these people coming over, there’s killings all over the place, there’s shootings all over the place.

    KING: But do you favor stopping people on the streets?

    TRUMP: I think, you know, what are you going to do? You’re going to stop people to see whether or not they’re supposed to be there and personally as a citizen I wouldn’t mind. I really wouldn’t mind.

    KING: You wouldn’t?

    TRUMP: I would not personally mind.

    KING: You’re from Slovenia, would you mind if people from Slovenia were stopped if they looked funny?

    MELANIA TRUMP: Well I think everybody needs to have papers and be legally here. So we need to have papers if we go anywhere else in the world so people need to have also the  papers here.


    KING: But can you see where Mexican-Americans might be a little offended at – if they look the wrong way?

    TRUMP: Well I can see that, but if you think about it, I mean nobody wants to say it, you have a Mexican-American and then you have a blonde guy walking down the street, well Mexico doesn’t have a lot of blondes, ok? And these are the people that are coming across the border.

    KING: So you’re in favor of profiling?

    TRUMP: I am favoring going out and keeping – if people come into the country illegally I am favoring saying you have to get them out. You need laws. We have no law – nobody even knows what the law is. People are streaming across the border and sometimes it’s the drug dealers and what’s happening now the drug dealers are coming in and that’s a big problem. They’re coming in and they’re killing.



  • ABC Reports Corey Lewandowski “Is Back In The Fold” With Trump Campaign While Remaining Paid CNN Contributor

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    ABC News reports that Corey Lewandowski is “still involved” in Trump’s campaign, highlighting CNN’s ongoing ethical nightmare in hiring Lewandowski as a paid contributor.

    “Lewandowski is back in the fold,” according to a report released by ABC News from campaign sources that describe Lewandowski’s relationship with Trump as “stronger than ever.” Despite his contract with CNN Lewandowski talks with and advises Trump “almost every day,” according to a “senior level campaign staffer”:

    As Donald Trump arrived in Manchester, New Hampshire, for a rally a week ago, he stepped out of his motorcade and was greeted by a familiar face: Corey Lewandowski.

    Lewandowski had been fired in late-June after serving as Trump’s first campaign manager. Given the internal fighting, Trump’s losing ground in the polls, and the candidate’s and his family’s alleged lack of confidence in Lewandowski, the campaign cut him loose June 20.


    Now, a few weeks and a lucrative cable network contract later, Lewandowski is back in the fold, according to multiple campaign sources. They describe Lewandowski’s relationship with the candidate as “stronger than ever.”

    Each day, Trump wakes up, usually in his Fifth Avenue penthouse, and has a routine round of calls, sources say, that includes his campaign leadership (which has changed in recent weeks), his children, some close allies and someone else quite frequently: Lewandowski.

    CNN has been roundly criticized for ethical issues surrounding the hiring of Lewandowski and the subsequent nightmare he has caused the network. CNN has given Lewandowski a platform to defend Trump at every turn, while Lewandowski travels with the Trump campaign and receives paid severance from Trump , while having a non-disclosure agreement with the Trump campaign.

    And despite persistent calls for CNN to cut ties with Lewandowski, the network has stood by him as a contributor.

  • Rachel Maddow Rips Trump After "Stunning" And "Profound Rejection" From Reputable Economists

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    MSNBC host Rachel Maddow ridiculed Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump after a Wall Street Journal survey found not a single former member of the White House Council of Economic Advisers (CEA) would support his presidency.

    Maddow opened the August 25 edition of her program by blasting Trump over a Wall Street Journal survey that revealed that no former CEA members would state support for the GOP nominee. Maddow reported that while this “very diverse group” of 45 economists had served eight different presidents -- including five Republicans -- “the one thing they all have in common is that not a single one of them supports Donald Trump for president.”

    According to the Journal, no Democratic or Republican advisers expressed support for Trump. Two former Republican advisers (Matthew Slaughter and Richard Schmalensee) crossed party lines to offer support for Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton. And two GOP advisers (former Reagan appointees William Poole and Jerry Jordan) even stated their support for Libertarian candidate Gary Johnson over their own party’s nominee. Maddow called the survey result “stunning,” and compared the economists’ “profound rejection” of Trump to being passed over at a dance. Maddow noted that it was like asking someone to dance, “and everybody in the world decides they will never dance again because of you” (emphasis added):

    RACHEL MADDOW (HOST): It's one thing to have, you know, some dissident Republicans rejecting a party's presidential nominee. It happens here and there. It happens, to a greater or lesser extent, with almost every nominee from both major parties every election cycle. There's always a dissenter here or there, but when it's everyone alive who has ever worked for any American president as an economic adviser including the last five Republican presidents, and they all reject you. That’s not like, you ask somebody to dance and they say, “no I don't want to dance with you.” That's like, you ask someone to dance and everybody in the world decides they will never dance again because of you. I mean, this is just -- this is profound rejection. I find that just stunning.

    During the segment, Maddow also highlighted a bitingly critical indictment of Trump that Harvard economist Martin Feldstein, a former CEA chairman under President Reagan, told to The Wall Street Journal:

    “I have known personally every Republican president since Richard Nixon. They all showed a real understanding of economics and international affairs. The same was true of Mitt Romney. Donald Trump does not have that understanding and does not seem to be concerned about it. That alone disqualifies him in my judgement.”

    The revelations from the Journal’s survey were also a topic of conversation on the August 26 edition of CNN’s New Day, during which Trump booster Steve Forbes dismissed the revelation and pivoted to highlight the supposed strength of Trump's advisers: Stephen Moore and Larry Kudlow. Moore and Kudlow have been dogged for making inaccurate statements and failed predictions over the years. Moore was accused of having “a troubled relationship with facts” by Nobel Prize-winning economist Paul Krugman, who went on to say that Moore may be maintaining a career in conservative economics only because “incompetence is actually desirable at some level” in those circles. Meanwhile, Kudlow recently lectured single parents that they are partly to blame for poverty even though he admitted to having "virtually no knowledge in this field.”

    The Journal's failure to find a single Democratic or Republican supporter of Trump among 45 former presidential economic advisers follows an August 22 report from the paper that hundreds of business economists overwhelmingly prefer Clinton as the best candidate on the economy. Clinton received the support of 55 percent of 414 economists surveyed by the National Association of Business Economics (NABE). Trump drew votes from just 14 percent of NABE members, once again registering less support on the economy than Gary Johnson, who garned 15 percent.

    The almost complete lack of support for Trump on the economy comes despite months of the GOP nominee being the dominant force in cable news discussions of the economy -- thanks in part to appearing on Fox News’ Hannity 24 times during the first six months of 2016.