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  • “A Republican Munich”: Conservative Media React To Cruz-Kasich Alliance To Stop Trump

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    Republican presidential candidates Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) and Gov. John Kasich (R-OH) announced a plan to mutually shift resources in upcoming contests to increase the odds of denying front-runner Donald Trump a majority of delegates before the GOP convention. Some conservative media figures have criticized the candidates' decision, calling it “unreal” and "the equivalent of a Republican Munich."

  • Donald Trump Complains That CNN's Excessive Coverage Of Him Is Not Enough

    Despite Having Two Surrogates On Staff At CNN And Receiving Nearly Three Hours Of Airtime So Far In March, Trump Threatens To Skip CNN Town Hall

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    Citing "one-sided and unfair reporting," Donald Trump has threatened to skip tonight's CNN town hall. In reality, Trump has been interviewed for nearly three hours this month on CNN, which regularly airs the candidate's events live and also has two Trump surrogates on staff who routinely push his talking points.

    A Media Matters review of CNN's coverage found that Trump has been interviewed 11 times, constituting 2 hours and 55 minutes, in March alone -- not counting debates.

    Additionally, CNN employs Trump surrogates Jeffrey Lord (who is under fire for saying is the "new Ku Klux Klan") and Kayleigh McEnany. Since March 22 alone, Lord has appeared six times and McEnany 13 times. Furthermore, as reported by BuzzFeed's Kyle Blaine, asked days ago about why the network regularly aired Trump events live and in their entirety, CNN's Washington bureau chief Sam Feist said that the network was providing a "valuable service" by airing events by all candidates. Blaine also previously reported that CNN participated in a conference call where the Trump campaign dictated how Trump could be shot in his events.

    Just hours after Trump's complaint, when news broke of Trump's campaign manager Corey Lewandowski being charged with battery, CNN interviewed both McEnany and Trump supporter Scottie Nell Hughes, with McEnany calling Lewandowski's charge "a side story."

    CNN's oceans of Trump coverage have come despite protests on air at CNN and by CNN personalities. As Blaine noted, former CNN analyst and network news correspondent Jeff Greenfield complained on CNN earlier this month about the network's repeated airing of Trump's rallies. Just yesterday, CNN chief international correspondent Christiane Amanpour noted the huge advantage that Trump enjoys because interviewers allow him to call in to their shows rather than appearing on camera. And earlier this month, CNN anchor Chris Cuomo noted to Seth Meyers that phone interviews provide an advantage to Trump.

    Hours after that interview aired, Cuomo interviewed Trump by phone.

    This post has been updated for clarity.

  • Conservative Author Threatens Anti-Trump Protesters "Our Side Has Guns ... Behave Yourselves

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    Conservative writer Matthew Vadum threatened protesters at Trump rallies, warning "MoveOn anti-free speech thugs: Our side has guns, tens of millions of them. Behave yourselves."

    Following the decision to cancel a campaign rally in Chicago on March 11, GOP front-runner Donald Trump received condemnation from media outlets for "encouraging, even condoning violence" at his events. Trump faced sharp criticism from media for creating the "hostile atmosphere" which led to violence against protesters at his events.

    Right wing media have argued that anti-Trump protesters should expect "to get beat up" at his rallies, and others have labeled him the "victim", claiming the protesters infringe on Trump's First Amendment rights and are "totalitarian" and "fascist." Right wing media figures have blamed for "orchestrat[ing] violence" and hijacking "what was to be a peaceful campaign rally," despite the fact that the group was there to protest previous incidents of violence at Trump rallies. Trump apologist and CNN contributor Jeffrey Lord described as "the new Ku Klux Klan."

    On March 16, conservative author Mathew Vadum took to Twitter, and threatened saying, "Note to MoveOn anti-free speech thugs: Our side has guns, tens of millions of them. Behave yourselves. #tcot."

  • Right-Wing Media Baselessly Accuse MoveOn.Org Of Inciting Violence At Trump Rally

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    Right-wing media figures are blaming for violence that occurred following Republican presidential front-runner Donald Trump's canceled rally in Chicago on March 11, likening the group to the Ku Klux Klan and accusing them of "creating this havoc and ... putting innocent people's lives in jeopardy." In fact, several media figures have slammed Trump for condoning "violence in rally after rally," and at the Chicago event only helped provide logistical support for the protests, including printing signs and recruiting attendees.

  • CNN's Trump Apologist Calls MoveOn.Org "The New Ku Klux Klan"

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    CNN contributor and habitual Trump-apologist Jeffrey Lord equated the progressive group to the Ku Klux Klan, baselessly blaming the organization for recent violence at Trump campaign rallies.

    Conservative pundits have attempted to scapegoat following a spate of violent clashes at Republican presidential front-runner Donald Trump's campaign rallies with thespurious claim that the progressive organization is responsible for violence at a canceled rally in Chicago. Despite the fact that numerous media figures have called out Trump for "encouraging, even condoning violence," Lord blamed the violence on "the American left." As Ilya Sheyman, executive director of Political Action explained, the group had supported local activists by "printing signs and recruiting MoveOn members to attend the student-led protest," but the protest "was a direct result of the violence that has occurred at Trump rallies and that has been repeatedly encouraged by Trump himself."

    In a March 15 American Spectator article, Lord wrote that is "the new Ku Klux Klan," arguing that "MoveOn has now become the latest successor to this mantle of racism plus violence." According to Lord, "the only difference" between the days of the KKK and's organization of protesters rally is "This time around they don't use hoods and burning crosses to rally the terrorists, they use social media instead": 

    Meet The new Ku Klux Klan. The newest leftist incarnation of that old leftist formula that combines racism with violence to push the progressive agenda.

    The American Left has a horrendous history of flat out racism and bigotry, liberally salted with violence. From the 19th and early 20th century Klan, on to the Students for a Democratic Society (SDS) and the Weather Underground of the 1960s and early 1970s, on to today's Occupy Wall Street and Black Lives Matter, the Violent Left has trucked in racism or violence or both. The common thread being the goal of shutting down opponents when not terrorizing them into silence.

    The events in Chicago at the now-canceled Trump rally, not to mention the attempt by a Bernie Sanders supporter to rush the stage at a Trump rally and forcibly deny The Donald his First Amendment right to free speech, if not physically assault him, has only underscored the point that MoveOn has now become the latest successor to this mantle of racism plus violence.


    So here we are yet again. The Left appealing to people by race -- urging them to forcibly shut down fellow Americans who were peacefully exercising their First Amendment right to assemble and hear the candidate of their choice.

    The only difference between this and the days when the progressives were hiding under those white hoods and burning crosses while trying to terrorize newly freed slaves and their white allies? This time around they don't use hoods and burning crosses to rally the terrorists, they use social media instead.

    Lord has a long history of covering for Trump -- absurdly blaming Obama for Trump's comments that Islam hates America, and defending Trump's refusal to disavow former KKK grand wizard David Duke by claiming the KKK is "a function of the left."

  • Right-Wing Media Help Rehab Donald Trump As The "Victim" Of Violence At His Events

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    Right-wing media personalities are helping cover for GOP presidential front-runner Donald Trump after a spate of violent clashes at his rallies, painting him as the "victim" of the violence, even as mainstream media figures have called out Trump for encouraging violence. Conservative pundits are also trying to scapegoat with the bogus claim that the progressive group is responsible for violence at a canceled Trump rally.

  • Trevor Noah Calls Out CNN's Jeffrey Lord For Rewriting History About The KKK

    Noah: "It Is Nonsense That This 'Helmethead' Is Trying To Link The Klan To Modern Day Democrats"

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    From the March 3 edition of Comedy Central's The Daily Show with Trevor Noah:

    TREVOR NOAH (HOST): A big question you may be asking yourself why is Mitt Romney speaking out against Trump? Well, a good part of that is a week ago the KKK grand wizard emeritus David Duke, he told his followers to vote for Donald Trump. And Donald Trump was coy about disavowing Duke's support right?


    NOAH: Now obviously a grand wizard of the KKK praising the Republican front-runner is going to stir up a lot of emotion. And we saw that on CNN. As a Trump supporter and a Democrat faced off as the Super Tuesday results were coming in.


    NOAH: One minute they were talking about whether Trump was cool with racism. The next thing you know, the Trump supporter basically blaming the Klan on liberals.


    NOAH: A lot of people like to skip over the fact that when it comes to race relations, historically Republicans and Democrats switched positions. Yeah, Republicans were basically Democrats and the Democrats were basically Republicans.


    NOAH: What happened was, Lincoln, way back in the day, the first Republican president. He did free the slaves and the Democrats of the time spent the next eighty years busting on black people, instituting segregation and founding terrorist groups like the KKK who hated black people and proper spelling.


    NOAH: So basically in this argument what 'helmethead' saying about the KKK being a Democratic group, that was true in like 1910, but then after World War II, Democratic presidents like Truman and Johnson, they started supporting civil rights laws and that lead to a mass exodus of racists from the Democratic party.


    NOAH: So now that we know all of this, we can see why it is nonsense that this 'helmethead' is trying to link the Klan to modern day Democrats, because everything has changed since then.


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