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  • Right-Wing Media Baselessly Accuse MoveOn.Org Of Inciting Violence At Trump Rally

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    Right-wing media figures are blaming for violence that occurred following Republican presidential front-runner Donald Trump's canceled rally in Chicago on March 11, likening the group to the Ku Klux Klan and accusing them of "creating this havoc and ... putting innocent people's lives in jeopardy." In fact, several media figures have slammed Trump for condoning "violence in rally after rally," and at the Chicago event only helped provide logistical support for the protests, including printing signs and recruiting attendees.

  • Fox News Ignores Investigations Finding No Wrongdoing By Planned Parenthood To Prop Up False Claims That The Organization Has Admitted Guilt


    Fox News is parroting anti-abortion group Center for Medical Progress' (CMP) claim that Planned Parenthood's decision to stop accepting reimbursement for fetal tissue donations is an "admission of guilt," ignoring that state and federal investigations have already cleared the organization of wrongdoing.

  • Fox Figures Attribute McCarthy's Downfall To The Same Far-Right Group That They Created And Promoted

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    After Rep. Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) dropped out of the race to be Speaker of the House, sending Republicans soul-searching, Fox News figures were quick to attribute the sudden turn-of-events to the powerful House Freedom Caucus and its Tea Party movement roots. What Fox News has chosen not to mention, however, is its own role in creating and fostering the movement that has caused such dysfunction in Washington.

  • The House Select Committee On Planned Parenthood That Right-Wing Media Built


    House Republicans have voted to form a special committee to investigate Planned Parenthood, following a months-long campaign by right-wing media and anti-choice groups pushing deceptive attacks against the women's health organization. Multiple recent state investigations and a federal investigation have cleared Planned Parenthood of wrongdoing.

  • "Shut It Down": The Government Shutdown Conservative Media Built


    Conservative media have paved the way for a government shutdown by championing Republican efforts to defund Planned Parenthood and uncritically hyping deceptively-edited smear videos by the Center for Medical Progress -- even though state and federal investigations continue to find no wrongdoing by the health provider.

  • Fox Baselessly Suggests Clinton Knew Her Emails Were Classified Because Of Their Content


    Fox News suggested that Hillary Clinton must have known her emails were classified when she received them during her tenure as secretary of state because they contained satellite imagery and signal intelligence. But officials say that the emails don't include any form of "sensitive sourcing" and may not have been classified at the time she received them.

  • Fox's Hillary Clinton Critic Also Blames The Illuminati For 9/11


    Fox News' Fox & Friends promoted conspiracy theorist Mark Dice to lampoon Hillary Clinton and her supporters, despite his long history of promoting outlandish conspiracy theories including claiming the federal government carried out the 9/11 terror attacks. Fox & Friends' own network has even previously called him out as a conspiracy theorist.

  • Fox Correspondent Says He Searched The Planned Parenthood Website To Price Fetal Baby Parts

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    "How much for this body part?"

    Fox News correspondent Peter Doocy says he sought the answer to that question on Planned Parenthood's website, parroting debunked allegations from deceptively edited videos claiming that Planned Parenthood sells "fetal baby parts." In reality, the videos show no wrong-doing, as Planned Parenthood only donates fetal tissue with consent to important scientific research, and the money exchanged for the donations is both legal and solely to cover costs.

    This month The Center for Medical Progress (CMP) has released two deceptively cut videos purporting to show Planned Parenthood officials "haggling over" prices for the sale of fetal tissue. The latest video, released on July 21, claims to catch an official offering to change abortion procedure techniques "to get more intact fetuses" in exchange for more money. But both videos have been deceptively edited to leave out crucial context that debunks the notion that the reproductive health provider sells fetal tissue for profit. 

    Yet Fox News correspondent Peter Doocy parroted the bogus talking points to attack Planned Parenthood on the July 21 edition of Special Report. Doocy went so far as to claim that he searched the non-profit's website for "fetal baby part prices," but was unable to find them because the sale is a "well-kept secret":

    DOOCY: The debate about abortion is usually 'when does life start.' But tonight the debate is 'how much for this body part.' With one Planned Parenthood executive hoping it's enough for a fancy new car.


    DOOCY: I've searched the Planned Parenthood website for fetal baby part prices but can't find them. Because until these videos came out, these transactions had been Planned Parenthood's well-kept secret.

    Doocy's allegations demonstrate that even Special Report, the network's flagship news program, is willing to hype dangerous and false rhetoric from an organization with ties to extremist and violent groups.

    Media and factcheckers quickly denounced CMP's original edited video, as the full footage contradicts the allegation that Planned Parenthood sells fetal tissue, and even the edited portion "shows nothing illegal." Instead, the video "repeatedly [says Planned Parenthood's] clinics want to cover their costs, not make money when donating fetal tissue" for scientific research, as pointed out, and quoting a "biorepository" expert, they write that "[t]here's no way there's a profit" made on the donations based on the prices discussed in the videos.

    What's more, the research enabled by fetal tissue donation is a critical tool for fighting a number of diseases, as The New York Times explained in an editorial blasting the shady anti-choice organization and those championing their false claims:

    Researchers use fetal tissue to study and develop treatments for diseases and conditions like H.I.V., hepatitis, congenital heart defects, retinal degeneration and Parkinson's. Last year, the National Institutes of Health gave $76 million in grants for fetal tissue research. Planned Parenthood is certainly not the only collector of fetal tissue -- clinics associated with universities also supply tissue for research.

    The Center for Medical Progress video campaign is a dishonest attempt to make legal, voluntary and potentially lifesaving tissue donations appear nefarious and illegal.

  • Fox & Friends Only Acknowledges Racial Bias In Ferguson Police Department To Blame Holder For Police Shooting

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    Fox & Friends highlighted the Department of Justice's finding of systematic racial bias in the Ferguson Police Department to blame Attorney General Eric Holder for the shooting of two police officers, after previously overlooking the racial bias findings when the report was first released in order to hype the lack of charges against Darren Wilson.

    On March 4, the Department of Justice (DOJ) released the findings of their Ferguson investigation in two reports. One report stated that police officer Darren Wilson's "'actions do not constitute prosecutable violations' of federal civil rights law," while the second report found "systemic racial discrimination by the Ferguson Police."

    On the March 12 edition of Fox News' Fox & Friends, reporter Peter Doocy described the DOJ's finding of racial bias, emphasizing that Attorney General Eric Holder "floated the possibility" of dissolving the Ferguson police department as a result, while co-host Steve Doocy linked the DOJ report and Holder's response to the shooting of two police officers in Ferguson. Doocy described the shooting, saying, "a new wave of violence comes one week after Attorney General Eric Holder vowed to dismantle that city's police department," and questioned whether it was "what he wanted."

    Co-host Elisabeth Hasselbeck asked Fox senior judicial analyst Andrew Napolitano whether Holder "fuel[ed] the flame," and Napolitano asserted, "he probably did fuel the flame," emphasizing that "the political environment in which this happened, obviously, the flames were fanned by" Holder.

  • Libre Initiative: Un Grupo Patrocinado Por Los Hermanos Koch Haciendo Creer Que Su Objetivo Es El Empoderamiento De Los Hispanos

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    Originalmente publicado en inglés por Eric Hananoki y traducido al español por el staff de Media Matters.

    Fox News está presentando a Libre Initiative, el grupo patrocinado por los multimillonarios hermanos Koch, como una organización comunitaria fundada para "empoderar Hispanos" y avanzar "las libertades y la prosperidad". En realidad, el grupo insta a los Hispanos a que apoyen políticas públicas que según expertos, "van contra sus propios intereses" y "privan de derechos a los votantes Hispanos".

    La Libre Initiative fue fundada en 2011 y supone ser una "organización comunitaria, no partidista, y sin fines de lucro, que promueve los principios y valores de la libertad económica para empoderar a la comunidad hispana de EE.UU." El grupo tiene "presencia en ocho estados" y "planea expandirse hacia Wisconsin y North Carolina este año, además de incrementar su equipo en un 30 por ciento antes de 2016."

    Fox ha pintado al grupo como el producto de "una coalición de organizaciones de liderazgo hispano." Pero el equipo de Libre está conformado por veteranos del partido republicano, y han recibido más de $10 millones en fondos de parte de los multimillonarios petroleros Charles y David Koch. Libre ha admitido que su mensaje "se alinea mejor con los Republicanos" y "con los principios e ideas de Charles y David Koch."

    El grupo promueve la agenda de gente como los Koch a costa de los hispanos. Libre se opone al Affordable Care Act (ACA por sus siglas en inglés, también conocido como Obamacare), que le ayuda a los hispanos a conseguir seguro de salud. Se oponen a un incremento federal del salario mínimo, que le ayudaría a más de 6.7 millones de hispanos. Apoyan leyes de identificación electoral que sirven para "privar a votantes hispanos de su derecho al voto." Han acompañado a Fox News a empujar desinformación sobre los "ilegales" y la inmigración. Libre también ha hecho campaña en contra de políticos que apoyan una reforma migratoria, debido al apoyo que estos políticos han manifestado a favor de Obamacare.

    En este reporte sobre la Libre Initiative y los medios:

  • The Libre Initiative: A Koch-Funded Group Being Passed Off As Empowering Hispanics

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    Fox News is passing off the Koch-funded Libre Initiative as a grassroots organization founded "to empower Hispanics" and advance "liberty, freedom and prosperity." In reality, the group urges Hispanics to support policies that experts say go "against their own interests" and "disenfranchise Hispanic voters."

    The Libre Initiative was founded in 2011 and claims to be a "non-partisan, non-profit grassroots organization that advances the principles and values of economic freedom to empower the U.S. Hispanic community." The group "has a presence in eight states" and "plans to expand to Wisconsin and North Carolina this year and increase its staff by about 30 percent ahead of 2016."

    Fox has portrayed the group as the product of "a coalition of Hispanic leadership organizations." But Libre is staffed by veteran Republican operatives, and the group has received over $10 million in funding from oil billionaires Charles and David Koch. Libre has admitted its message "aligns more with Republicans" and "with the principles and ideas of Charles and David Koch."

    The group promotes the agenda of people like the Kochs at the expense of Hispanics. Libre opposes the Affordable Care Act (ACA), which helps Hispanics get health insurance. They oppose a federal minimum wage increase, which would help more than 6.7 million Hispanics. They support voter ID laws that serve "to disenfranchise Hispanic voters." They've joined Fox News in pushing misinformation about "illegals" and immigration. Libre has also campaigned against politicians that support immigration reform due to those politicians' support of the Affordable Care Act.

    In this report about the Libre Initiative and the media:

  • After FCC Passes Net Neutrality, Fox Attacks New Rules As Government Power Grab That Will Slow Down The Internet

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    A Fox News Special Report segment attacked new rules approved by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) to ensure net neutrality, claiming the rules were done in secret and would slow down the Internet. But the FCC received millions of public comments in favor of net neutrality, and experts say the rules will ensure Internet fairness.

    Today, the FCC passed "net neutrality" rules, which allows the agency to regulate Internet service as a utility and prohibits "Internet service providers from granting faster access to companies that pay for the privilege."

    On the February 26 edition of Fox News' Special Report, host Bret Baier reported that "the FCC approved sweeping new rules that no member of the public has even seen." Correspondent Peter Doocy called the new regulations a government "power grab" that will result in consumers having slower Internet.

    In fact, the public overwhelmingly supports new net neutrality regulations. During the public comment period, the FCC received a record 3.7 million comments on the topic of net neutrality. According to a report by the Sunlight Foundation, fewer than one percent of the first 800,000 public comments were opposed to net neutrality enforcement.

    Furthermore, tech experts have called net neutrality the guiding principle that has made the Internet successful. Google's director of communications explained that the new net neutrality rules would promote competition and help the economy. And the National Bureau of Economic Research reported that "there is unlikely to be any negative impact from such regulation on [Internet Service Provider] investment." 

    The Washington Post reported that new rules could make the Internet faster by "mak[ing] sure services such as Google Fiber can build new broadband pipes more easily."

  • Fox News Adopts GOP Smear Attempt On Net Neutrality, Dubbing It "Obamanet"

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    Fox News correspondent Peter Doocy pushed a Republican attempt to tar net neutrality when he said that it "could do to the Internet what Obamacare did to the healthcare system," a right-wing attack widely discredited when Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX) pushed the idea in November.

    During the February 24 edition of Fox News' Special Report, correspondent Peter Doocy reported that the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) will vote on net neutrality protections for the Internet on February 26. Doocy compared the alleged lack of transparency in the FCC's proposed plans to the Affordable Care Act's passage and claimed, "some critics already calling a slowed down web Obamanet, and their fear is that these changes could do to the internet what Obamacare did to the healthcare system."

    This attack echoes right-wing media outlets and Republican lawmakers who pushed the analogy that net neutrality regulations would be like "ObamaCare for the web." In a February 22 Wall Street Journal opinion piece, L. Gordon Crovitz dubbed net neutrality regulations "Obamanet." But the idea behind the term gained popularity after a November tweet sent by Sen. Ted Cruz where he asserted that "'Net Neutrality' is Obamacare for the Internet."

    Cruz was roundly criticized for his misleading attack. Tech blog Gizmodo called Cruz' tweet "disingenuous" and "dangerous." And according to Salon, "Cruz was absurdly wrong on the substance and demonstrated an ignorance of both healthcare and tech policy." Salon did concede however that healthcare and internet service did share some "common features":

    Healthcare and Internet service in America do share some common features - specifically, we pay a lot for both, and the product we get in return kinda sucks relative to how much we spend. Head to Europe or Asia and chances are that you'll be able to purchase faster Internet access for far less money than you'd pay here. Also, Internet connections abroad are getting faster and cheaper, while prices and speeds are pretty much staying the same in the U.S.

    Click here for more information on net neutrality