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  • “Note The Contrast”: Pundits Point Out The Glaring Differences Between Clinton And Trump VP Announcements

    ››› ››› LIS POWER

    Media figures pointed out the “interesting contrast” in presumptive Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton’s introduction of her running mate Sen. Tim Kaine (D-VA) as opposed to Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump’s introduction of his VP pick Indiana Gov. Mike Pence. Journalists noted that Clinton was “more familiar” with Kaine’s accomplishments and that Clinton “did the opposite” of Trump by talking about her running mate rather than herself. 

  • What's the point?

    Blog ››› ››› JAMISON FOSER

    What's the thought process that leads a reporter to type up a Republican Senator's statement that Republicans think war spending measures should be paid for without noting the Republicans' longstanding disinterest in paying for wars, as illustrated by the fact that they spent most of the last decade starting wars and cutting taxes at the drop of a hat?

    If you're just going to type up a politician's comments without adding important context, why not just invite him to submit an op-ed and save yourself the time, effort, and money required to transcribe his remarks?

    What's the thought process that leads a reporter to interview a politician calls for a reduction in government spending, then type up those comments, and never once ask what effect that would have on the economy?

    Again, why not save some money and just post raw video of the guy giving a speech?

  • Asserting that "Democratic rogues" are "starting to stack up" against corrupt Republicans, ABC's Klein ignored several high-profile GOP cases

    ››› ››› MORGAN WEILAND

    In a post on ABCNews.com's The Note, Rick Klein asserted that "the emerging lineup of Democratic rogues is starting to stack up against" several Republicans accused of corruption and scandal, but in the slate of people he listed, he omitted numerous examples of high-profile Republicans embroiled in criminal or ethical scandals, such as Rep. Don Young, Sen. Ted Stevens, and Rep. Rick Renzi.

  • Disregarding Fitzgerald's warning, media use Blagojevich scandal to engage in guilt-by-association against Obama


    Disregarding U.S. attorney Patrick Fitzgerald's warning to "not cast aspersions on people for being named or being discussed" in the criminal complaint against Illinois Gov. Rod Blagojevich, several in the media have used the scandal as an opportunity to engage in suggestions of guilt-by-association against President-elect Barack Obama, by rehashing Obama's purportedly "questionable associations," or suggesting that Obama is a product of corrupt "Chicago politics."

  • Meet the new Note, same as the old Note

    ››› ››› BEN ARMBRUSTER

    In ABC's The Note, senior political reporter Rick Klein wrote that "Democrats will still need to move toward the Republican position, unless they want to shut down [Iraq] war funding." In doing so, Klein suggested that unless congressional Democrats compromise and send President Bush a bill he finds acceptable, they will be responsible for cutting off funding to the troops, rather than Bush being responsible.