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  • VIDEO: Inside The RNC Conspiracy Theorist Rally That Explains The Trump Campaign


    Two of Donald Trump’s favorite right-wing conspiracy theorists headlined a “Unity Rally” just outside of the Republican National Convention this week. The event further highlighted how Trump’s candidacy has helped bring fringe extremists  into mainstream Republican politics.

    On July 18, just blocks away from the site of the Republican National Convention, Trump supporters attended the “America First Unity Rally,” an event hosted by Citizens for Trump and longtime Trump adviser Roger Stone.

    The rally -- which was not an official Trump campaign event -- was billed as “a massive victory rally & parade celebration of Mr. Trump’s nomination.” In reality, the few hundred attendees were treated to an afternoon of conspiracy theories about the Clintons, 9/11, and the threat posed by anti-American “globalists.”

    Jones, Stone Represent Trump’s Fringe Supporters

    The event’s central headliners were Stone and founder Alex Jones -- two prominent Trump supporters with long histories of peddling bizarre conspiracy theories.

    Stone has claimed the Clintons and Bushes have secretly murdered dozens; the collapse of World Trade Center Building 7 is “suspicious”; President Lyndon Johnson killed President John F. Kennedy; President George H.W. Bush tried to assassinate President Ronald Reagan; and the Clintons killed John F. Kennedy Jr.

    Jones is a radio host well-known known for his own brand of conspiracy theories -- he claims the government was behind 9/11, the Oklahoma City bombing, mass shootings in Aurora, CO, and Newtown, CT, among other events. Jones claims these “false flag” operations are part of a broader plot by “globalists” in both parties to take away Americans’ guns and take over the country.

    Stone and Jones brought their unique brand of lunacy to the rally. Stone repeated the long-debunked claim that the Clinton’s were involved in a cover-up surrounding the death of White House aide Vince Foster, while Jones celebrated that American voters were finally waking up to the globalist agenda in American politics.

    Trump Is Helping Mainstream Conspiracy Theorists

    It’s tempting to dismiss events like the America First Unity Rally as merely a fringe element of Republican politics, but the Trump campaign has shown a real interest in relying on conspiracy theorists like Stone and Jones to appeal to far-right voters. Stone states he is still in frequent contact with the GOP nominee -- even claiming he was late to the rally because he was meeting with members of Trump’s staff. Trump has appeared on Jones’ show and praised his reputation, promising not to let him or his listeners down. Jones has returned the favor -- many of the attendees at the rally stated that Jones’ praise convinced them to support Trump as the GOP nominee.

    Trump’s willingness to mingle with the most extreme and unhinged factions of the far right helps normalize them, pulling them into the Republican mainstream. Stone has become a regular fixture in mainstream election coverage. The day after appearing at the rally, Stone appeared at a discussion hosted by Politico at the convention.

    It also impacts the way Trump views the world -- as The New York Times’ Jonathan Martin explained in May, Trump’s “whole frame of reference” revolves around the fringe conspiracies peddled by outlets like Jones’ Infowars. Trump has already shown a willingness to make anti-Clinton conspiracy theories -- including the Vince Foster allegations -- a part of his general election strategy.

    This closeness between the GOP nominee and the right’s most extreme conspiracy theorists deserves special attention over the next few months.

    Stone and Jones may have held their rally outside of the Republican National Convention, but Trump’s campaign is helping bring them closer and closer to the Republican mainstream.

  • GOP Senate Candidate Appears At Roger Stone And Alex Jones’ Pro-Trump Rally

    Blog ››› ››› ERIC HANANOKI

    Republican Senate candidate Kelli Ward appeared at a pro-Trump rally featuring 9/11 conspiracy theorist Alex Jones and dirty trickster Roger Stone.

    Supporters of presumptive Republican nominee Donald Trump held an “America First Unity Rally” on July 18. The rally’s roster included speakers and hosts who have lobbed racist and sexist attacks against opponents; called for Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders’ executions; openly discriminated against minorities; led the movement that claims the 9/11 attacks were an “inside job”; and alleged that President Obama and Sens. Marco Rubio (R-FL) and Ted Cruz (R-TX) are not American citizens.

    The rally recently hit a speed bump after organizers were forced to drop a white nationalist website that had previously been featured in promotional materials as a sponsor.

    Ward is a former Arizona state senator who is challenging Sen. John McCain in the Republican primary. She appeared during the initial stages of the rally and expressed her support for Trump.

    This isn’t Ward’s first time pandering to extreme elements of the conservative movement.

    Ward previously appeared on Alex Jones’ March 23 program and asked Jones’ audience for campaign contributions. Ward promised to return to the show when she’s elected to the U.S. Senate. Jones endorsed Ward and instructed his audience to send Ward money.

    The Arizona Republic columnist Laurie Roberts criticized her appearance, noting that Jones “believes that 9/11 was an inside government job and that Barack Obama unleashes tornadoes with his secret weather machine. He believes the government is creating gay people by sneaking chemicals into your sons’ juice boxes and that the Tucson massacre -- the one that left six people dead and 13 injured, including then-Rep. Gabrielle Giffords -- was a government ‘mind-control operation.’”

    Stone tweeted on March 23 that “I will be working for @kelliwardaz - GOP Primary- August-Kiss @JohnMcCain goodbye!” Ward said in April “that Stone is not officially working for the campaign -- though she didn’t deny that he may be aiding her steep battle. ‘As far as I know, he does not work directly for us,’ she said. ‘I don’t know Roger Stone, I’ve never met him and never talked to him.’”

    Media Matters reporter Joe Strupp spoke to Ward after her speech and the Republican distanced herself from Jones and his 9/11 conspiracy theories. 

    "I don't know him well," Ward said of Jones. "I was on with him once and got a lot of play from that."

    Ward said that she doesn't believe as Jones does that the 9/11 attacks were an inside job.

    The Republican said she was invited to the rally by Stone. Stone has a decades-long history of employing political dirty tricks, and he regularly spouts violent, racist, and sexist rhetoric, including calling Hillary Clinton a “cunt” and advocating her execution.

    Media Matters' Joe Strupp contributed reporting to this post. 

  • On Alex Jones, Author Gary Byrne Speculates About Clintons Murdering People (And Whether They’ll Murder Him)

    Blog ››› ››› ERIC HANANOKI

    Former Secret Service officer Gary Byrne suggested on Alex Jones’ conspiracy radio show that the Clintons may murder him over his anti-Clinton book and pointed to “rumors of people that have had accidents” in Arkansas. Byrne also said he wouldn’t be “surprise[d]” if Jones’ theory that the administration let the Benghazi attacks happen on purpose to have Ambassador Chris Stevens “whacked” was true

    Byrne recently released the book Crisis of Character, which argues that Hillary Clinton doesn’t have the temperament to be president and invokes decades-old conservative media conspiracy theories about the Clintons (including regarding the death of White House aide Vince Foster). Media have discredited the book, finding that it’s a “rehash of old rumors,” there’s “holes in his story,” and his allegations are “contradicted by his own testimony.” Secret Service veterans have also cast doubt on Byrne’s credibility, arguing he “could never have seen any of what he claims.”

    He appeared on the June 30 broadcast of The Alex Jones Show to promote the book. Jones is a pro-Trump radio host and the proprietor of He is well-known for believing in toxic conspiracy theories about national tragedies, including the Oklahoma City bombing, Boston Marathon bombing, the Newtown, CT, school shooting, and 9/11.

    Jones began the interview by telling Byrne, “I hope you don’t have any car accidents or airplane accidents or anything because the Clintons are organized criminals in my view and there’s a lot of death around them. … you’re putting your life on the line here.” Jones later added that he hopes Byrne has taken out life insurance, to which Byrne replied: “We knew what we were getting into and we’ve taken our precautions and did our due diligence. We’ll keep our fingers crossed”:

    ALEX JONES: Mr. Byrne, I hope you don’t have any car accidents or airplane accidents or anything because the Clintons are organized criminals in my view and there’s a lot of death around them. But I’m going to stop right there. Mr. Byrne, thank you so much for coming on., let’s go to the waterfront here. Tell us -- I mean, you’re putting your life on the line here. I think that goes unsaid.

    GARY BYRNE: Thank you.


    JONES: Well you know FBI agents that worked in the White House and others have been audited, harassed, all sorts of things have happened. I don’t want to get into speculation areas here.

    BYRNE: Sure, sure.

    JONES: But making the decision with you and your family to write this book, I mean really nobody else has the huevos to do this. Maybe one other person. I mean I’ve got to say, sir, I really hope you’ve got a big insurance policy taken out for your family.

    BYRNE: Yeah, so we knew what we were getting into and we’ve taken our precautions and did our due diligence. We’ll keep our fingers crossed.


    And it’s not just about her crisis of character. It’s a little bit about my crisis of character, too, the process of deciding to do this and putting yourself and your family at this kind of risk.

    JONES: Yeah, I can hear it in your voice. You have really put yourself at risk, folks. I hope listeners understand this is not a game.

    Byrne later pushed the conspiracy theory that the Clintons had people murdered in Arkansas. He related the story of him talking to an unnamed deputy from Arkansas, stating:

    BYRNE: The guy looked at me, I mean right through me, and he said, “Let me tell you something, Gary. These guys can spin manure into gold. Everything you hear about them is true. Believe it. And he [President Clinton] will get elected, and he’ll be there eight years.”

    And this guy was as serious as a heart attack. And then he told me all these bizarre stories about all these rumors of people that have had accidents, the stuff that you were referring to before. So yeah, I definitely think that if she gets elected that we’re going to see the crazy stuff we’ve seen for the last eight years is going to unfortunately look like a walk in the park.

    Jones told Byrne that the Benghazi attacks were “on purpose to ship the missiles to Al Qaeda,” and that the administration had Ambassador Stevens “whacked” when he refused to go along with the plan. Byrne responded that “nothing would surprise me anymore” and agreed with Jones that Clinton is “evil.”

    JONES: You’re just too honorable of a guy, brother, to see that Benghazi was on purpose to ship the missiles to Al Qaeda to take over Syria and the Turkish ambassador was there that morning and Ambassador Stevens said no, so they pulled the security and had him whacked. But I’m not going to get off on a rabbit trail, it's just that she’s way more evil --

    BYRNE: Right.

    JONES: Than I think you’re even getting at.

    BYRNE: No, well obviously she is and that’s not something I experienced, but I certainly believe that to be true. I mean nothing would surprise me anymore after what I saw those years, and what’s happened since then.

  • A Comprehensive Guide To The Right-Wing Media Conspiracy Theorists That Have Influenced Trump’s Campaign

    ››› ››› BOBBY LEWIS

    Presumptive Republican nominee Donald Trump counts among his allies a stable of fringe right-wing conspiracy theorists who’ve made a name for themselves advancing conspiracy theories that include the myth that President Obama is a secret Kenyan Muslim, Lyndon Johnson assassinated John F. Kennedy, and the CIA is paying Beyonce to create mayhem. Trump’s conspiracy theorist allies also regularly wish violence upon political and media figures who they disagree with.

    Warning: This post contains graphic language and sexual content.

  • Trump Ally Alex Jones Calls Orlando Shooting A “False Flag” To Take “Your Guns” And Speech

    Blog ››› ››› ERIC HANANOKI

    Conspiracy theorist and Donald Trump ally Alex Jones claimed President Obama let the tragic mass shooting at the Orlando gay nightclub Pulse happen because he wants to ban “your speech” and “guns.” Trump and his campaign surrogates have been heavily courting Jones and his audience during the presidential campaign.

    Jones hosts The Alex Jones Show and is the proprietor of He believes in toxic conspiracy theories about national tragedies, including the Oklahoma City bombing, Boston Marathon bombing, the Newtown, CT, school shooting, and 9/11.

    While Jones for years has operated at the fringes of conspiracy media, he has been courted by Trump and advisers like Roger Stone and Stephen Miller. As a result, Jones has become one of the leading media allies for Trump’s campaign.

    Jones repeatedly called the deadly Orlando terror attack a “false flag” and accused the government of letting the attack happen for political reasons. Jones’ website defines a false flag as a covert and deceptive operation that is used to “influence elections, guide national and international policy, and [to] cynically ... formulate propaganda and shape public opinion as nations go to war.”

    Jones posted a YouTube video shortly after the shooting and claimed the “attacks on Orlando were a false flag terror attack. But before the mainstream media takes that out of context, I want to be clear. Our government and the governments of Europe allowed these huge hordes of radical jihadis in and have even allowed them in without vetting them on record, landing at airports across the country and not even checking their passports, IDs or visas. Our governments are bringing these people in and they’re allowing them to operate openly in our society so they can attack us and then have our freedoms taken.” He then concluded that President Obama “let it happen” so he can “pass laws and hate laws banning your speech” and taking “your guns.”

    During the June 12 broadcast of his program, Jones claimed Obama is “not the president. He is a globalist, Wahhabist.” He then said that “our governments of Europe and the United States are bringing” in terrorists and when “they attack, they come out and say it’s your fault. … It’s your fault, the veteran, the gun owner, the patriot.”

    While appearing on Fox News in the wake of the Orlando shooting, as The Huffington Post wrote, Trump implied “that President Barack Obama harbored some sort of connection, perhaps even sympathies, to Muslims who had committed acts of terror in the United States.”

  • These Are The Right-Wing Media Figures Spinning Trump's Bogus Legal Argument Against Trump U. Judge

    ››› ››› ALEX KAPLAN

    Some conservative media figures are still backing up presumptive Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump’s absurd argument that a federal judge overseeing the lawsuit against Trump University supposedly has a conflict of interest due to being “Mexican” or because he is a member of a Latino Bar Association group, saying Trump’s claim is not “a stretch,” is not “unreasonable,” and that the judge “is all too willing to associate himself with his ethnicity.” However, long-standing legal precedent has repeatedly ruled out a judge’s race or ethnicity as valid grounds for recusal.

  • Alex Jones: Trump University Judge Is "The Equivalent Of A Hispanic Grand Dragon"

    Trump Ally Roger Stone Joins Racist Rant, Slams Judge Gonzalo Curiel As "A Mexican Radical"

    Blog ››› ››› MEDIA MATTERS STAFF

    From the June 4 edition of Genesis Communication Networks’ The Alex Jones Show (emphasis addded):

    ALEX JONES (HOST): Today, we are going to look at this judge who has been ruling basically against [Donald] Trump and doing unprecedented things in the Trump University case. And I'll be honest with you, I've kind of ignored Trump University to a certain extent -- I've done some research. But after Trump came out and said this guy is a Mexican, and by Mexican his loyalty is to Mexico. And so, I did some research and found out wow, Trump needs to go further here. This guy is the head lawyer over a lawyer group based in California, that for decades has been promoting, basically, race-based brainwashing.

    Now, I don't like the Ku Klux Klan, but MEChA [Movimiento Estudiantil Chicanx de Aztlán] and [the National Council of] La Raza and organizations like this ... these guys basically operate just like the Klan. They say for those inside our race, everything. For those outside the race, nothing. La Raza means "the race," so I see Trump say this about this judge, and I think well you're just saying because he's Mexican in his heritage that he ruled against you. Has Trump gone too far? And I go look it up, and the guy is worse than what Trump's saying. And that's the problem, Trump will just throw something out that's true, but then I guess with the soundbites not get into the whole background of it. So, we're going to talk about this judge a little bit right now, but I'll tell you it's a fair headline to say that this judge is the equivalent of a Hispanic grand dragon.


    I just hope Trump unloads on him, like this Daily Caller article "Judge Presiding Over Trump University Case Is A Member Of La Raza." And again, that means "the race." People say, well, that's okay because Hispanics can say we’re a racial group, but whites if you say we're in a racial group that's bad. No, when people organize politically and say "we're only for our group," classically liberal views are that's dangerous and bad, a la Adolf Hitler. Roger Stone, what do you have to say?

    ROGER STONE: Well, Alex, I think first of all that it's important to establish that the judge is not only a Mexican radical. He's also a Hillary Clinton contributor.


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    "Have You No Shame, Sir?": Fox Guest Excoriates Trump For Racist Attacks On Federal Judge

    Watch CNN's Jake Tapper Grill Trump Over His Racist Attacks On Federal Judge