Limbaugh criticizes Schwarzenegger for supporting Obama's emissions proposal


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From the May 19 broadcast of Premiere Radio Networks' The Rush Limbaugh Show:

LIMBAUGH: Now I want to play for you a sound bite. There's a big argument going on in the Republican Party over what we must be. We have to be a big-tent party. We have to allow all kinds of people and various divergent points of view. We must let the moderates run the party -- they do now, by the way. The moderates run the Republican Party -- make no mistake about it. We must become more moderate if we are to engage in electoral victory. And so here you have a radical liberal Democrat president -- the most radical liberal in the nation's history -- proposing every day programs that will destroy the essence of America.

Here we have the governor of California, Arnold Schwarzenegger, agreeing with this. And Arnold is what's being called a moderate Republican, somebody that we must -- we need more people like Arnold Schwarzenegger in our party if we are to grow the party.

Now, I ask you: How are we going to grow the party if more and more moderate Republicans are going to suck up to Barack Obama, show up at his public appearances, endorse him, and campaign for him? How in the hell does that expand the Republican Party. You tell me how this is a recipe for expanding the Republican Party.

SCHWARZENEGGER [audio clip]: We brought everyone together, and now we created one standard which is going to help everybody. I want to congratulate the president, because other administrations previously have tried to do that and were not successful. There was a lot of dialogue about reducing greenhouse gasses and making the cars more efficient, but no action. This president, after 120 days in office, has created the action and brought everyone together.

LIMBAUGH: They've had no choice, Arnold. They've had no choice. It's this or jail. It's this or bankruptcy. It's this or get fired. Join him or get fired. So, anyway, this is what we must do, ladies and gentlemen. We need more Arnold Schwarzeneggers. This is the future. Well, this is what our moderates are telling us. We don't need to do battle with Obama; we need to go after the American people the same way he does. There's the future of the Republican Party right there: Arnold Schwarzenegger. That's what the moderates are telling us.

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