VIDEO: Tell CNBC the economy is no game…

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Tell CNBC the economy is no game…

Yesterday, I noted that Media Matters president Eric Burns had joined prominent writers, economists, journalism professors and other progressive leaders in signing a letter demanding CNBC take substantial steps towards fixing their broken network. If you haven't yet seen the letter be sure to check it out here.

Today, Media Matters is up with a new video (also available on YouTube or QuickTime) and a call to action:

In today's call to action, Burns writes in part:

Rather than fulfill its crucial role as a journalistic outlet seeking the truth, CNBC instead abdicated its responsibility to the American people in favor of years of uncritical repetition of spin by Wall Street CEOs. This denied the public accurate information about the causes of the current economic crisis, its consequences, and the effectiveness of proposed solutions.

>> Sign the petition and demand CNBC stop acting like a PR firm for Wall Street and instead fulfill its journalistic obligation to the truth.

CNBC should publicly declare a drastic change of direction, committing to responsible journalism in an effort to hold Wall Street accountable in the future. As a first step, it should bring new economic voices on the air with a focus on those who were right about this crisis in the first place.

The stakes are too high for CNBC to continue acting as the unofficial mouthpiece of Wall Street. This is not a game. Together we can bring about the much-needed change we seek. That is why it is so important that you sign this petition today and then encourage your friends, family and co-workers to do the same.

If you haven't done so already, please take a moment and sign the petition today then ask your friends, family and coworkers to do the same.

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