Byron York will make you laugh until you cry

Blog ››› ››› ERIC BOEHLERT

That's how bad the conservatives recent Washington Examiner column is. The headline pretty much tells the whole sorry tale:

In time of victory, why is the left so angry?

No joke. It's not not satire. York is (apparently) serious as he puzzles deeply over why Obama supporters are so darn angry. (They "lash out.") Laugh when you read his column in which York completely ignores the fact that the conservative media in America has become completely unhinged since Obama's election and have embraced and broadcast the most paranoid, angry, irresponsible kind of rhetoric perhaps ever recorded in mainstream American politics. Or at least in modern American politics.

Forget that's it's conservatives who have accused the new, wildly popular president of being a socialist and/or a communist and/or a fascist. Forget that it's conservatives who are warning of a looming totalitarian state. And forget that conservatives whipped up crowds last week in frothy anti-Obama anger.

According to York, it's liberals who are angry.

The crying part starts when you realize that in York's entire column about the angry left, the only proof he offers to showcase the apparently out-of-control anger liberals are spouting comes in the form of a single televised interview from a TV actress. Again, no joke. York's ill-conceived notion of the angry left is built entirely around an interview Janeane Garofalo gave last week on MSNBC. That's York's evidence.

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