Right-wingers can't make up their minds about the politics of cars: Chrysler good, GM bad

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You'll recall we all had a laugh at the expense of Dealergate. That was the genius, Dr. Evil-ish plot that right-wing bloggers claimed Obama had hatched in order to punish Chrysler car dealer owners who donated to Republican politicians by making sure their dealerships were shut down as part of the government-backed bankruptcy of the troubled car maker.

The bloggers were sure they had uncovered a dastardly Democratic plot. In truth, all they proved was that lots of car dealership owners gave money to Republicans. (Duh.) And what they still cannot prove is that car dealerships that survived the Chrysler cut are owned by big Democratic donors. They're not. Which means the whole Dealergate scenario was a joke.

Big surprise. We know. OK, but now comes the government-backed bankruptcy of General Motors and what's the right-wing blogger reaction to that? Yep, boycott GM!! Conservative commentators (see CF below) have announced that it's their patriotic duty to not buy American-made GM cars in order to send a message to the Obama administration.

Do you see the irony? When Chrysler had to close dealerships as part of its bankruptcy, right-wingers sprang to their defense and claimed Obama was muscling out hard-working Americans for purely political reasons. But when GM closes dealerships as part of its bankruptcy, right-wingers attack the company -- attack their hard-working American employees -- for purely political reasons and urge readers not to buy GM.

Only conservative bloggers could concoct two such nutty -- and contradictory -- points of attack over the issue of cars.

UPDATE: Joe Scarborough also thinks the whole boycott idea is nutty:

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