Former right-wing blogger details his political divorce

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There are so few defections among A-list bloggers, so few examples of prominent writers walking away from their side of the fight, that it's worth pondering this post from Little Green Footballs. Once a proud attack colleague of Michelle Malkin's during the Bush year, LGF has been making plain for some time now its growing disdain for the right-wing blogosphere and what LGF sees as its increasingly bankrupt view on politics, as well its hateful and unhinged response to the Obama administration. Now the LGF blogger details the reasons why he was forced to abandon the movement.

It will be interesting to see what kind of response LGF's declaration gets from his former colleagues. To date, they've mostly dealt with his defection by hurling insults LGF's way, which of course, only confirms what LGF has been saying about the right-wing blogosphere and its lack of substance.

It's also interesting to note that another A-list blogger, Rick Moran at Right Wing Nut House, has also made plain his growing disgust with the hate-filled, far-right blogosphere. (Note to Politico's John Harris, three will make a trend!)

For LGF, the reasons he parted ways with the right revolve around its support for "fascists," "bigotry," "religious fanaticism," "anti-science craziness," "homophobic bigotry," 'anti-government lunacy," "hate speech," "conspiracy theories," "anti-Islamic bigotry, and "hatred for President Obama."

Yep, that's today's right-wing blogosphere.

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