Big Journalism: Stupak a "Liar, Cheap Date"


From a March 21 post, titled, "Bart Stupak: Liar, Cheap Date, Soon-to-Be-Former Congressman from Michigan"

Holy Mackinac Bridge, Batman. The blogosphere is calling Rep. Bart Stupak (D-Mich.) a "cheap date."

Considering what it took to get him to vote for the U.S. Senate health care bill, that's a fitting way to describe Slick Stupak. According to Stupak, he struck a deal with President Obama, trading his 'yes' vote for a 'worthless, non-binding' executive order prohibiting federal funding for abortions. And perhaps an airport or three.


Meanwhile, the President's pledge to sign an executive order to restrict abortion funding is hollow. Experts agree that such an order cannot stand constitutionally in the face of legislation to the contrary. Stupak, a law school graduate, must know that. Also, one executive order can giveth, and another can just as easily taketh away.

Really cheap date.

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