"Lamestream" media asked to give money to anti-choice group in order to cover speech from Fox News' Palin

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If you thought Fox News contributor Sarah Palin's relationship with the "lamestream" media and her public couldn't get any stranger, you'd be wrong.

Sure we all remember when the former half-term Governor of Alaska was paid to speak at the National Tea Party Convention -- a speech that was initially closed to press except for a few right-wing outlets like Fox News (her employer.) Then there was the news that one of her speaking contracts required "questions" following her remarks were "to be collected from the audience in advance" and "pre-screened."

Now, Think Progress brings us word of yet another disturbing story: Palin's speech earlier this week "at a fundraiser for the Austin-based Heroic Media, a "faith-based" anti-choice organization that seeks to reduce the number of abortions "by creating a Culture of Life through television, billboard and internet advertising."

The piece by Think Progress' Ben Armbruster goes on to note a report from the Austin-American Statesmen that members of the press had to make a contribution to Heroic Media in order to attend Palin's address:

Restrictions: Heroic Media will try to prohibit video and audio recordings of Palin's appearance, and news organizations wishing to cover her speech must buy a ticket, the proceeds of which will go to Heroic Media.

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