Breitbart's site editor pleads for O'Keefe blog posts

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Not only is Breitbart not going to apologize to New Orleans law enforcement for smearing officers last winter by claiming they were part of a massive, Watergate-like conspiracy to frame poor James O'Keefe, but now it appears Breitbart's site is going to revel in O'Keefe's humiliating guilty plea and treat it as a victory. (Hey, you play the hand that's deal you, I suppose.)

New York magazine has published an (unintentionally funny) email from Big Journalism editor Michael Walsh in which he begs contributors for O'Keefe-related attack blog posts and promise the site will publish them asap.

From New York [emphasis added] :

From: Michael Walsh/Big Journalism
Sent: Wed, May 26, 2010
Subject: Pedal to the Metal Today re "Watergate, Jr."

Dear Contribs: we understand that, today, James O'Keefe will plead guilty to a misdemeanor in New Orleans, essentially to spitting on the sidewalk, and that will be the end of the Great Media Meme of "Watergate, Jr."

Today, Andrew Breitbart, Retracto and I would like to hammer the media for this one -- they simply couldn't control themselves, jumped to the most extreme conclusions, and widely predicted all sort of crazy things, including that Breitbart was behind the whole thing, that it was a break-in, etc. etc. Of course, none of this was true and now they have egg all over their faces.

Starting ASAP, I'm asking each of you to please contribute to a rolling series of posts taking the MSM to task, citing the lies, and charting the careers that have been broken over this, most spectacularly David Shuster's at MSNBC (you will recall Shuster's memorable shouting match with AB live from Nola just after the arrests). No waiting -- get it to me and I'll post it up on the site as quickly as possible.

Thanks in advance and best regards,


Behold "conservative journalism."

UPDATED: Surprise! Breitbart blogger/apologist Larry O'Connor was the first to heed the call and rush to O'Keefe's defense by attacking the evil mainstream media. Bonus points from the boss, Larry!

UPDATED: Did we mention that O'Connor essentially functions as Breitbart's full-time (unpaid?) apologist.

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