UPDATE: Attention: CNN looking for "The Good Side of the Oil Spill"

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CNN sent Media Matters the following statement regarding this post:

Gary Hewing is not a CNN employee - and never has been. He is not working on CNN's behalf and should not be identified as such.

CNN has taken action in regards to a radio station that brands itself "CNN 650 Houston" however we do not know if Gary Hewing is affiliated with that radio station.

CNN Spokesperson

Original Post

This is not a joke.

Under the headline "When the Search for 'Balance' Goes Too Far," Washington Monthly's Steve Benen notes:

Gawker ran a copy of an email sent by CNN's Gary Hewing yesterday, looking for ideas about covering the "good side" of the BP oil spill disaster. In fact, the summary line of the CNN message specifically said, "The Good Side of the Oil Spill."

Summary: The Good Side of the Oil Spill

Name: Gary Hewing (CNN)

Category: Biotech and Healthcare

Media Outlet: CNN

Deadline: 04:00 PM EST - 2 June

Query: Looking for pitches: The Good Side of the Oil Spill - if there is any.

So, if you can think of a "good side" to one of the worst environmental disasters on record, make sure you let CNN know.

Gulf of Mexico Oil Spill
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