Fox News' Palin endorses birther

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Less than 24 hours before polls open, Colorado gubernatorial candidate Tom Tancredo's twitter feed is reporting that he just received a "glowing endorsement" from Fox News contributor Sarah Palin. Tancredo is a birther who has said he has "no idea where" President Obama was born and demanded: "Just show me your birth certificate!"

From Tancredo's twitter feed:


Tancredo later linked to audio of what appears to be a Palin robo-call urging listeners to support Tancredo, who she calls "the right man for the job."

As Think Progress reported, Tancredo questioned Obama's birth certificate during the April 27 edition of Alan Colmes' radio show [emphasis from Think Progress]:

COLMES: Do you really believe -- you know he was born in Hawaii right?

TANCREDO: I have absolutely no idea where he was born.

COLMES: You've seen he was born in Hawaii; he was in two Hawaiian newspapers within two days of his birth.

TANCREDO: Anybody can put an article in a newspaper. Just show me your birth certificate!

Think Progress noted that Tancredo dived back into birtherism during a rally in Phoenix in June [emphasis from Think Progress]:

I used to think, I used to believe that the greatest threat we ever had to this country -- I remember when I was a kid, it used to be Russia with the atomic bombs, and after that it was al Qaeda -- but there is somebody who is a greater threat to American liberty today than anybody else I can think of. His name is Barack Obama. He does not see the America that you and I see. He looks at a different place. He looks at the America that you and I love, he looks at the America that the Founders put together, and he says, "I don't like that, I'm going to create something else." And he says, when his friend, the President of Mexico is here, he says, "We are not defined by borders." Well maybe he isn't defined by borders. Citizenship is not important. I can understand why somebody like Barack Obama would say citizenship is not important since he refuses to even produce his own birth certificate!

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