Flashback: Bill Sammon Thanks Host After "Great Pro-Lifer" Introduction

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During a July 3, 2008, appearance on National Pro-Life Radio's Face The Truth Coast To Coast, Bill Sammon -- who later became Fox News' Washington managing editor -- thanked host Steve Peroutka after he introduced him as "a great pro-lifer."

STEVE PEROUTKA: Bill is our guest today, author, Bush biographer, if you will.


And I'll just go ahead and say it, a great Christian and a great pro-lifer, and that's why I love talking to you on pro-life radio, Bill.

SAMMON: That's very kind of you, Steve, thank you.

In an interview with Howard Kurtz in December, Sammon expressed surprise that people would accuse him of taking a conservative viewpoint, stating: "Have I said things where I take a conservative view? Give me specifics."

In addition to regularly taking conservative viewpoints in his reporting, Sammon's Fox News colleagues have described him as a conservative.


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