A Decade Of Drudge Breathlessly Hyping Pat Buchanan's Books

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The Drudge Report is hyping the release of Pat Buchanan's new book Suicide of A Superpower with a top story "exclusive" "look." Drudge has been writing press release-esque previews of new Buchanan books for years, complete with Amazon.com links and fluffy prose.

From today's Drudge Report:

From the Drudge Report on November 25, 2007 (via Drudgereportarchives.com) about Day Of Reckoning:

From the Drudge Report on August 20, 2006 (via Drudgereportarchives.com) about State Of Emergency:

From the Drudge Report on August 22, 2004 (via Drudgereportarchives.com) about Where The Right Went Wrong:

From the Drudge Report on January 2, 2002, (via Drudgereportarchives.com) about Death Of The West:

All five of the referenced Buchanan books are published by Thomas Dunne Books, an imprint of St. Martin's Press. A spokesperson for St. Martin's Press did not respond to a request for comment about whether it's paid for promotions on Drudge's website.

Drudge has described the various Buchanan books as "hardcore"; "set for maximum controversy"; "goes all the way" (twice); "epic"; "designed to jolt readers"; "ripe with cutting observation and opinion"; and an "ultracontroversial book, which will be banned and burned in many quarters."

All of the write-ups link to the respective book's Amazon.com pages. When Drudge published his "exclusive" "look" at 7am ET today, Drudge wrote that the book was ranked 2,668. As of this posting, it's now 7.

A look back at Drudge's breathless promotions of Buchanan's books. From Drudge's 2011 story:


"As the faith that gave birth to the West is dying in the West, peoples of European descent from the steppes of Russia to the coast of California have begun to die out, as the Third World treks north to claim the estate. The last decade provided corroborating if not conclusive proof that we are in the Indian Summer of our civilization."

So begins Pat Buchanan in his hardcore work, SUICIDE OF A SUPERPOWER.

"Will America Survive to 2025?"

Buchanan, set for maximum controversy, launches all rockets at introduction "Disintegrating Nation" -- and does not let up for 400-plus pages.


The books reads as if its been written to be left behind in the ruins, only to be found by a future civilization.

SUICIDE ranked #2,668 on AMAZON's hit parade early Friday. It streets on Tuesday.

Now only the DRUDGE REPORT can offer a look inside.

From Drudge's 2007 story:


"America is coming apart, decomposing, and...the likelihood of her survival as one nation...is improbable -- and impossible if America continues on her current course," declares Pat Buchanan. "For we are on a path to national suicide."

The best-selling author and former presidential candidate is on the eve of launching his new epic book: DAY OR RECKONING: HOW HUBRIS, IDEOLOGY AND GREED ARE TEARING AMERICA APART.

This time, Buchanan goes all the way:

From Drudge's 2006 story:


?As Rome passed away, so, the West is passing away, from the same causes and in much the same way. What the Danube and Rhine were to Rome, the Rio Grande and Mediterranean are to America and Europe, the frontiers of a civilization no longer defended.?

So begins a new work of warning from Pat Buchanan.

And this time Buchanan goes all the way.

STATE OF EMERGENCY: THIRD WORLD INVASION AND CONQUEST OF AMERICA hits the streets this week from THOMAS DUNNE BOOKS and it's designed to jolt readers with stats and analysis of illegal immigration gone dangerously wild.

From Drudge's 2004 story:

BUCHANAN BOOK DECLARES: 'NO CONSERVATIVE PARTY LEFT IN WASHINGTON' After warning about the "Death of the West," bestselling author and former presidential candidate Pat Buchanan now declares: "There is no conservative party left in Washington. " Buchanan is set to launch his new work WHERE THE RIGHT WENT WRONG: How Neoconservatives Subverted The Reagan Revolution And Hijacked the Bush Presidency -- a work ripe with cutting observation and opinion. RIGHT WENT WRONG is not set for release until September 1, but DRUDGE breaks the embargo on the book

From Drudge's 2002 story:

The New Year is just minutes old and here comes Patrick J. Buchanan to warn of: The Death of the West!

In his ultracontroversial book, which will be banned and burned in many quarters, BestSellingAuthorTVHostPresidentialCandidateColumnist Buchanan contends that the U.S. will be a Third World nation by the year 2050.

He predicts Europe will be inundated by an Islamic-Arab-African invasion and most First World nations, including Japan, will have begun slowly to vanish from the earth.

Buchanan is primed and ready for a media blitz behind DEATH OF THE WEST [ranked #492 on AMAZON's hourly sales chart Wednesday morning], set for release from DUNNE.

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