Pat Buchanan Praises Segregated Black Schools For Promoting "Patriotism And Traditional Values"


buchananPat Buchanan found the silver linings in segregation, claiming that segregated schools were "the transmission belts of patriotism and traditional values rooted in biblical truths" and noting that segregated schools today would be deemed unconstitutional, despite having "graduated hardworking, law-abiding and productive citizens."

From Buchanan's August 23 syndicated column:

If we go back to the end of World War II, 90 percent of black families consisted of a mother and father and children raised and disciplined by their parents. The churches to which these families went on Sundays were stronger. Black schools may have been largely segregated, but they were also the transmission belts of patriotism and traditional values rooted in biblical truths and a Christian faith.

Though such schools graduated hardworking, law-abiding and productive citizens, today they would be closed as unconstitutional.

Indeed, all of those character- and conscience-forming institutions of yesterday are in an advanced state of decline today.


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