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  • CNN omits GOP criticism of Black Panther investigation

    Blog ››› ››› TODD GREGORY

    The trumped-up allegations that the Obama Justice Department engaged in racially charged "corruption" in its handling of the New Black Panther Party case jumped from Fox News to CNN this morning. Anchor Kyra Phillips hosted Republican activist J. Christian Adams, whom she referred to as a "whistleblower," to repeat his unsubstantiated accusations, which are based on hearsay and charges made by other people.

    One of the on-screen graphics described Adams' allegations as "Voter intimidation scandal at Justice Dept.":

    During the segment, Phillips discussed the Commission on Civil Rights' investigation into the case with Ashley L. Taylor Jr., a Republican member of the commission. Phillips said that the investigation has "divided" the commission and that two commissioners were Democrats. She then read a portion of a statement from Michael Yaki, a Democratic member of commission, that criticized the commission's months-long investigation as "incredibly shallow," "partisan," and "a one-sided farce."

    But Yaki isn't the only member of the commission to criticize its investigation -- Abigail Thernstrom, the Republican vice chair of the panel, has done the same.

  • Right-wing media smear "African-American Attorney General" as racially biased in trumped-up New Black Panthers case

    ››› ››› BROOKE OBIE

    Right-wing media continued trumpeting completely unsubstantiated allegations that the Department of Justice -- and Attorney General Eric Holder specifically -- dismissed voter-intimidation charges against members of the New Black Panther Party because the defendants were African-American. In fact, Assistant Attorney General Thomas Perez testified that the charges were dropped after attorneys at the Civil Rights Division determined that there was insufficient evidence to prosecute the three defendants.

  • Wash. Times joins right-wing freak-out over NASA official's comments

    Blog ››› ››› MEDIA MATTERS STAFF

    In a July 7 editorial, The Washington Times joined the right-wing media freak-out over NASA administrator Charles Bolden's comments about President Obama's efforts to improve Muslim outreach. From the Times' editorial:

    What's unclear is what Mr. Bolden believes the United States has to gain by reaching out to a part of the world that has been technologically stagnant for centuries.

    The Muslim world has nothing to offer the United States as a space-faring nation. If anything, America should be discouraging Middle East space programs. Iran has the most advanced space initiative in the region and claimed to have launched a satellite in February. It's a short step from putting satellites in space to being able to do the same with warheads. Given that Iran is on the verge of nuclear-weapons capability, the upbeat message from NASA seems ill-advised.

    Islam's meager contribution to human technological advancement is no accident. In his new book "The Closing of the Muslim Mind," former Voice of America director Robert Reilly describes the brief flourishing of intellectualism in Muslim Spain 1,000 years ago before it was brutally suppressed by religious extremists. They imposed a continuing Islamic orthodoxy that is hostile to rational thought and to the scientific method. According to this view, the only knowledge required for human existence is contained in the Koran and the life and sayings of Muhammad. Pursuing any knowledge beyond that is at best a waste of time, at worst a capital offense. Classical books of knowledge were burned, the few Muslim philosophers and scientists were banished and the stage was set for centuries of scientific decline. The small number of discoveries credited to that part of the world since the Middle Ages came principally from conquered peoples.

  • Fox's Kelly deceptively cites DOJ testimony to further Adams' attacks


    Megyn Kelly and GOP activist J. Christian Adams deceptively cited Justice Department official Thomas Perez's testimony to accuse the DOJ of racially motivated corruption in its handling of a voter-intimidation case against members of the New Black Panther Party. In testimony Kelly avoided mentioning, Perez made clear that the DOJ did, in fact, obtain a judgment against one defendant and also explained that the Bush-era DOJ chose not to pursue a similar case.

  • DOJ accusers' ties to Bush DOJ's "legacy of politicized hiring"

    Blog ››› ››› KATE CONWAY

    GOP activist and former Department of Justice lawyer J. Christian Adams has recently leveled unsubstantiated allegations that the Obama Department of Justice improperly decided not to pursue additional charges of voter intimidation against the New Black Panther Party for an incident that occurred outside a Philadelphia polling place in 2008.

    A December 23, 2009, Main Justice article titled "The New Black Panther Case: A Legacy of Politicized Hiring" sheds further light on the political climate surrounding the DOJ at the time Adams was there.

    The Main Justice article reported on Adams' ties to Bradley Scholzman:

    Adams is a career Voting Section lawyer. He is also a foot soldier in the conservative movement, hired into the Justice Department during the Bush administration under a process the department's Inspector General concluded was improperly politicized.

    Adams's background helps explain how a relatively minor incident in Philadelphia during the 2008 presidential election involving two members of an anti-white fringe group blossomed into a political controversy for the Obama administration.


    Hired in 2005 by Bradley Schlozman, a Bush-era political appointee who drove out veteran Civil Rights Division attorneys perceived to be liberal, Adams appears to be one of the "right-thinking Americans" with conservative affiliations that Schlozman improperly seeded throughout the bureaucracy.

    Main Justice further reported Bush-era DOJ official Hans von Spakovsky's full-throated defense of Adams and his attacks against "political hacks" in the Justice Department:

    Spakovsky worked closely with Schlozman. He helped oversee the Noxubee case in Mississippi and assisted in the controversial purge of veteran lawyers in the division perceived to be liberal. The Democratic-controlled Senate in 2007 refused to confirm Spakovsky as a Federal Election Commission member.

    Spakovsky has also worked at the U.S. Commission on Civil Rights for commissioner Todd Gaziano, an official at the conservative Heritage Foundation who's been the driving force behind the push to investigate the Black Panthers matter.

    Von Spakovsky told Main Justice said he hadn't spoken with Adams about the case. "I know Christian just like I know all the lawyers, but I have not talked to him about the case," he said.

  • Despite Bush DOJ declining to charge Minutemen, Pajamas Media suggests double standard on Adams allegations

    Blog ››› ››› MEDIA MATTERS STAFF

    In a July 1 Pajamas Media post, Roger L. Simon published a statement from J. Christian Adams, a former Justice Deparment lawyer who has made unsubstantiated allegations that the DOJ improperly dismissed voter-intimidation charges against members of the New Black Panther Party for political reasons:

    Adams told Pajamas Media:

    I was appalled and disappointed by the DOJ yesterday. They included a blatant lie in their response to my interview. They told Fox News I had been "unhappy with my position." Not only would this be a personnel matter they aren't supposed to discuss, it's a fairy tale. In fact on April 28 I got a promotion, so maybe they can let me know what position I was unhappy with.


    The problem with smearing me is that there are many others who know the truth inside the Department. Documents which they refuse to turn over pursuant to subpoenas from the Civil Rights Commission prove it. Testimony from other DOJ employees, which they refuse to allow, would also prove it.

    Simon went on to write:

    Indeed, there may be "others who know the truth," and it will be interesting to see what emerges. If there is racial discrimination in the Department of Justice, that is something we should all know about, so that it can be corrected as quickly as possible.

    Pajamas Media and PJTV will be posting more information about this in the days to come. Watch this space and PJTV for more, including awards and promotions given Adams -- the man whose reputation the Department is now attempting to tarnish -- by the very DOJ only months ago.

    If this were another administration -- no doubt if this were the Bush administration -- a veritable army of reporters would be assigned to this story with visions of Pulitzers dancing in their heads.

    But given our current media environment, this is the kind of potential scandal that could easily be swept under the rug.

    Pajamas Media will continue to work with Chris Adams to get his story out. He will have more details for us next Tuesday, after his scheduled testimony before the United States Commission on Civil Rights.

    In fact, as Media Matters has noted, Adams is a longtime Republican activist, and Simon's suggestion of a double standard is contradicted by the fact that the during the Bush administration, the DOJ declined pursue to similar voter-intimidation charges in a case involving the Minutemen.

  • Fox hypes GOP activist's "explosive new allegations" against Obama DOJ


    Fox News is trumpeting completely unsubstantiated allegations made by GOP activist and former Justice Department attorney J. Christian Adams that the DOJ improperly dismissed voter-intimidation charges against members of the New Black Panther Party for political reasons. But Adams, a longtime Republican activist, relied on hearsay and charges made by others, rather than firsthand knowledge, in making his allegations.