Coulter book tour continues on the radio: "I hold them [liberals] in contempt and I give them a Midol"


Right-wing pundit Ann Coulter stuck to the radio waves on October 7 to promote her new book, How to Talk to a Liberal (If You Must): The World According to Ann Coulter (Crown Forum, October 2004). Media Matters for America has documented comments Coulter has previously delivered on her book tour.

I noticed the Democrats go crazy when it is pointed out, you know, I think the terrorists would prefer for the Democrats to win this one. You know, they don't argue that's not true. What they say is, "That argument is out of bounds." But of course it is. Surely Osama [bin Laden] -- well, I think Osama's dead -- but you know Al Qaeda terrorists must have some relative preference for one presidential candidate over another. Why can't it be stated? Of course they prefer the Democrats because the Democrats will never think it's the right war at the right time. [Radio America, Battle Line with Alan Nathan, 10/7]

[As Media Matters for America has repeatedly noted, there is a conspicuous lack of evidence to support Coulter's contention; however, there is some evidence suggesting terrorists would prefer four more years of the Bush administration.]

One good way to outrage the enemy [Democrats] is to defend the United States of America. ... It drives them crazy. [KVI Talk Radio 570, the Kirby Wilbur show, 10/7]

The liberals already lost Vietnam for us. The Swift Boat Vets just aren't going to let them lose another war for us. [KVI Talk Radio 570, the Kirby Wilbur show, 10/7]

Democrats are good Bolsheviks. No matter, I mean, their guy could fall flat on his face, as I think [Senator John] Edwards did, and they will all rush to the TV cameras and say, "Oh, Edwards won the debate." And so you end up with a consensus position, even when the Republican beat the Democrat about the head, as [Vice President Dick] Cheney did with Edwards. [Radio America, Battle Line with Alan Nathan, 10/7]

[Responding to a caller who asked, "When are we going to stop misusing the word 'liberal' and start calling Democrats 'socialists,' which they really are?"] That's funny you say that. I mean they [Democrats] are socialists, but I hear liberal, and I think that's a worse epithet than socialist. ... I have pretty negative associations with it. [Radio America, Joseph Farah's WorldNetDaily RadioActive, 10/6]

Their [Democrats'] response to a principled argument, you know, on taxes or on the war in Iraq, is to investigate your personal life to find out if you're into S and M. [KVI Talk Radio 570, the Kirby Wilbur show, 10/7]

[Responding to host John Moore, who asked, "You have very little patience with liberals, but that's half the population of your country essentially. ... So, I mean, you don't hate half the population of the United States, do you?"] No, I hold them [liberals] in contempt and I give them a Midol [medication for premenstrual syndrome]. That seems to calm them down. [NEWSTALK 1010 CFRB, the John Moore show, 10/7]

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