Fox & Friends Cherry-Picks, Distorts Data On Gas Prices


A Fox & Friends graphic purporting to show gas prices in selected states all over the country featured the seven states and areas with the country's highest average gas prices and displayed prices that were significantly above each state's respective average.

Fox & Friends Displays "Soaring Gas Prices"

Fox Shows Map Of "Soaring Gas Prices." From the April 22 edition of Fox News' Fox & Friends:

[Fox News, Fox & Friends, 4/22/11]

Source Of Fox & Friends Data Shows Far Lower Average Gas Prices

Fox & Friends Cites As Source. The Fox & Friends graphic cited as its source for the prices it used. But the prices in the graphic are significantly higher than the state averages listed on April 22:


Price Cited By Fox & Friends Average Price













New York






Washington, DC



[, accessed 4/22/11; screenshot]

Fox & Friends Highlighted The Most Expensive States

GasBuddy Lists Seven Highlighted States As Having Nation's Highest Gas Prices. The seven states and areas Fox & Friends highlighted in the graphic -- Hawaii, Alaska, Illinois, California, Connecticut, New York, and Washington, DC -- are listed by as the seven states with the highest average gas prices in the country. [, accessed 4/22/11, 4/22/11]

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