According to Colorado's Morning News host, KOA "the perfect station" for weatherwoman related to Limbaugh


On June 25, after learning that KUSA 9News and Newsradio 850 KOA weatherwoman Becky Ditchfield is distantly related to nationally syndicated right-wing radio talk show host Rush Limbaugh, KOA Colorado's Morning News co-host April Zesbaugh called KOA "the perfect station" for Ditchfield. The segment also was simulcast on the June 25 broadcast of KUSA's 9News Daybreak.

Limbaugh's program airs from noon to 3 p.m. Mountain time weekdays on KOA, which is owned by Clear Channel Communications Inc. KOA's lineup also includes such Denver-based conservative hosts as Mike Rosen, "Gunny" Bob Newman, and Jon Caldara.

From the June 25 broadcast of KUSA's 9News Daybreak:

GARY SHAPIRO (9News Daybreak co-host): Hey, we want to introduce the newest member of the KOA/9News team --

ZESBAUGH: That's right.

SHAPIRO: -- Becky Ditchfield. She joins us from the backyard right now to talk a little bit about the heat. And so, well, your radio viewers --

ZESBAUGH: Hey, Becky.

SHAPIRO: -- radio listeners obviously can't see her.

STEFFAN TUBBS (Colorado's Morning News co-host): Hi, Becky. Good morning. Yeah, we had Becky over here at the radio station here on Friday, so it was great to put a face with a name, and she'll be joining us on the radio side as well.

DITCHFIELD: Yeah, good morning, guys. We certainly had those hot temperatures yesterday and today included. But, fortunately, it looks like we got a cool-off on the way for tomorrow. So, we'll look forward to those 80-degree temperatures again tomorrow afternoon.

KYLE DYER (9News Daybreak co-host): Can't wait.


TUBBS: Now, we, we understand, Becky, you're somehow related to Rush Limbaugh?


DYER: You are? Ah.

DITCHFIELD: I am. Yep. It's on my mom's side. Actually, it's my great-great-grandmother and his great-grandmother -- if you're still following -- were sisters.



HITCHFIELD: So, they were -- the last name was Isenberg. So, that's how --

ZESBAUGH: Have you ever met him?

HITCHFIELD: No, I haven't met him, but I, from what I know, my grandparents actually still meet with and know his -- some aunts and uncles of his.

ZESBAUGH: Very cool.

SHAPIRO: That is wild, isn't it?

TUBBS: What are the odds?


ZESBAUGH: This is the perfect radio station for you, then.


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