Right-wing media's pathetic attempt to spin the Discovery Channel hostage situation


As the horrifying hostage situation at the Discovery Channel building in Maryland continues to unfold, some in the right-wing media have chosen to use the incident for political gain.

For example, conservative columnist and regular Fox News commentator* S.E. Cupp tweeted that "Discovery terrorist's ideas, if not his methods, make him ideal WH adviser," invoking smears that have been pushed by the right against science advisor John Holdren.

Similarly, Gateway Pundit's Jim Hoft has dubbed the gunman a "leftist activist."

Though at this point we know very little about Lee, his apparent demands indicate that his views are far from being grounded in a definable mainstream ideology, either liberal or conservative. Instead, they show a clearly disturbed individual. While Lee calls for "solutions" to problems that liberals typically highlight, such as global warming and unemployment, his lengthy rant is mainly composed of absurd demands such as the following: "All programs on Discovery Health-TLC must stop encouraging the birth of any more parasitic human infants and the false heroics behind those actions."

Additionally, Lee echoes right-wing talking points with his attack on "anchor baby filth":

5. Immigration: Programs must be developed to find solutions to stopping ALL immigration pollution and the anchor baby filth that follows that. Find solutions to stopping it. Call for people in the world to develop solutions to stop it completely and permanently. Find solutions FOR these countries so they stop sending their breeding populations to the US and the world to seek jobs and therefore breed more unwanted pollution babies. FIND SOLUTIONS FOR THEM TO STOP THEIR HUMAN GROWTH AND THE EXPORTATION OF THAT DISGUSTING FILTH! (The first world is feeding the population growth of the Third World and those human families are going to where the food is! They must stop procreating new humans looking for nonexistant jobs!)

* Cupp's position corrected.

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