Radio host Cunningham told Hannity election is over "because Elizabeth Edwards has now sung"


The day after the November 2 presidential election, as a guest on ABC Radio Networks' The Sean Hannity Show, criminal defense attorney and nationally syndicated Clear Channel radio host Bill Cunningham remarked that the election is "over because Elizabeth Edwards has now sung." Elizabeth Edwards is the wife of former vice presidential candidate Senator John Edwards.

From the November 3 edition of The Sean Hannity Show:

HANNITY: They're gonna think they weren't vitriolic enough. They're gonna think they weren't mean enough and they're gonna go out there and do the same thing: Attack, attack, attack, undermine troops and the president during a time of war and that is not gonna get them elected anywhere.

CUNNINGHAM: Well, it's over because Elizabeth Edwards has now sung.

HANNITY: Oh, you know, you're cruel.

CUNNINGHAM: [Laughter]

HANNITY: No, be nice, will ya? Where -- we gotta be gracious in victory.

The Bill Cunningham Show is broadcast on WLW 700 AM in Cincinnati, Ohio.

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