Drudge dusts off eight-year-old picture of CNN's O'Brien to promote himself

››› ››› JOE BROWN

On August 9, Web gossip Matt Drudge reprinted the cover of an issue of Small Business Computing magazine on his website. The cover showed CNN American Morning co-host Soledad O'Brien posing next to a computer monitor displaying the Drudge Report website. Drudge's item is headlined "CNN ANCHOR DISPLAYS HER FAVORITE WEBSITE." While Drudge presented the cover as though it were a current issue, the cover actually dates from September 1997 -- a time when O'Brien wasn't even employed by CNN.

The item's text proclaimed:

Soledad O'Brien knows where the latest news can be found on the Internet: The DRUDGE REPORT! The fast-rising cable news star was all smiles as she posed for SMALL BUSINESS COMPUTING magazine, proudly displaying her "favorite website."

When the September 1997 issue of Small Business Computing was published, O'Brien was the host of MSNBC's now-defunct daily program The Site. O'Brien did not join CNN's staff until 2003.

Propaganda/Noise Machine
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