After Colorado Media Matters item, Face the State corrected misleading headline about in-state tuition


Following an August 10 Colorado Media Matters item pointing out that the "news" website Face the State published a headline that misrepresented the content of a Rocky Mountain News article, the website on August 13 changed the headline to accurately reflect the article's reporting.

The August 10 News article to which Face the State linked reported that, in a change of policy, Metropolitan State College of Denver would offer in-state tuition to "Colorado residents who are U.S. citizens but whose parents are here illegally." The headline Face the State published on August 10, August 11, and August 12 -- "Metro State to charge in-state tuition for illegals" -- misleadingly implied that the change would apply to students who are illegal immigrants. On August 13 the website changed its headline to accurately reflect the article's content: "Legal Students With Illegal Parents Get In-State Tuition at Metro."

Face the State describes itself as "a one-stop-shop for political news affecting Coloradans." On the July 1 broadcast of KTVD Channel 20's Your Show, founder Brad Jones stated that "if ... your [website] content is regularly incorrect you will lose credibility." As Colorado Media Matters has documented repeatedly (here, here, here, here, here, here, and here), Face the State frequently publishes misleading headlines on its aggregated news articles.

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