Sean Hannity Compares Hillary Clinton And Bernie Sanders To Saddam Hussein And Bashar al-Assad

Hannity: "You're Kind Of Asking Me, 'Who's Better? Saddam Hussein Or Syrian President Assad?' They Both Suck"


From the January 11 edition of Premiere Radio Networks' The Sean Hannity Show:

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CALLER: I just wanted to ask your opinion - I'm new to US politics, I came to the US five years ago.

HANNITY (HOST): Where'd you come from?

CALLER: Iraq. So, let's say hypothetically, if a Democrat is going to become president, the next president, would you prefer Hillary Clinton or Bernie Sanders?

HANNITY: Neither

CALLER: But, let's say - we know it's either going to be a Democrat or Republican. Let's say one of them, like a Democrat won. What would you secretly wish to have as a president?

HANNITY: I'm telling you now. I wouldn't want either one of them because they ostensibly, in my mind, would be a third term of Obama. And Obama's been a disaster on the economy. Obama's been a disaster on foreign policy. I give these statistics every day, I'm not going to reiterate them now but I give them out every day.

CALLER: Yes, but who would be the best of the worst, let's say, for America?

HANNITY: They would both suck, I don't know what else to tell you.

CALLER: I'm not getting an answer I guess.

HANNITY: You're kind of asking me, "Who's better? Saddam Hussein or Syrian President Assad?" They both suck.


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