Why didn't Limbaugh remember the victims of Oklahoma City?

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This has been bugging me since Monday.

On his show that day, which was the 15th anniversary of Timothy McVeigh's act of right-wing, anti-government terrorism that killed 168 innocents in Oklahoma City, Rush Limbaugh spent a lot of time talking about the events surrounding the tragic attack. But I found it downright chilling how Limbaugh expressed so little sympathy (none?) for the victims of the bombing; how Limbaugh seemed completely disinterested in the havoc McVeigh unleashed on that heartland city.

Instead on Monday, Rush wanted to talk about Waco.

Rush wanted to eulogize the followers of fanatic David Koresh who killed themselves rather than to surrender to federal officials. Those were the victims Rush wanted to remember. But not the ones in Oklahoma City. And certainly not the four ATF agents killed by Branch Davidians during the initial, failed attempt to serve a warrant on the cult's compound back in 1993. (Sixteen other agents were injured that day, in what became the longest shoot-out in U.S. law enforcement history.) Limbaugh made no mention of the sacrifice those people made at the hands of the gun-toting Davidians.

Obviously, Waco and Oklahoma City overlap, which is why they both came up on Monday's show. The final, tragic assault on Waco occurred on April 19, 1993, and it enraged members of the militia/patriot movement, who saw the events as proof of a tyrannical government being run by a New World Order president. Waco was what drove McVeigh's twisted act of revenge. Waco was why McVeigh blew up the Alfred P. Murrah Building in an attempt to kill as many government workers as possible.

And so 15 years after McVeigh's act of terror, Limbaugh on Monday went on and on about Waco and the how Bill Clinton and Janet Reno were to blame for the "military invasion" into a "religious compound." (Y'know, the kind of "religious compound" that stockpiles more than one million rounds of ammunition, like the Davidians did.)

On Monday, the ATF-killing Davidians were the victims Limbaugh wanted to remember. ("Sixty-seven people died in the fire; we remember watching it.") But the Oklahoma City victims who perished at the hands of a right-wing terrorist? Limbaugh had little interest in them. For Limbaugh, the Oklahoma City victims remain a political inconvenience.

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